Bretagne Filières concentrates its activities mainly in Africa where it supports agricultural and agri-food projects. Bretagne Filières invests to support the private sector and the development of SMEs. We rely on the expertise of Bretagne’s economic sector of excellence in the agri-food industry. Indeed, Bretagne is the premier agri-food regions in Europe. The originality of our approach is based upon our ability to gather together multiple skills from across the farming and agri-food industries in both France and abroad. The aim is to provide a complete and fast, economical and efficient transfer of know-how.

Bretagne Filières will allow you to gain access to information, technologies, innovations, and technical and financial partners to assist the development of your projected production. Your local processing capacity; your access to the market; your organisation of producers within the sector and the local food sector autonomy will be reflected in the solutions we provide.

Our aim is to support your objectives ensuring your economic success whilst reinforcing your positive impact on your industry partners and your sector of the industry and environment.


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