Bretagne Filières - Our missions

Because our pedigree is farming and agri-food companies with a strong international background we understand the needs and the potential of your chosen sector, especially in Africa. Feeding 2 billion people by 2050; seizing the sector’s opportunities to integrate millions of young people into the labour market and creating added value locally - we inevitably want to be part of it!

We put ourselves at the service of your projects, by taking the best out of the four Breton sectors of excellence. We will be pleased to answer your questions about the development of your production, your transformation capacities, your access to the market, your local skills, your organisation of producers and sector.

Our goal is to ensure the total coherence of your value-chain and a fast, economical and efficient transfer of skills. We aim to allow you to get access to information and formation, technologies and innovations, technical and financial partners.

Following your projects

We are by your side during all the life time of your project, from the identification of your needs to their execution and achievement:

Feasibility studies

  • Independent expert assessment
  • Studies :
    • Pedo-climatic, environmental, social and economic context
    • Societal and environmental impact
    • Assessment of existing material resources
  • Elaboration of Business Plan, P&L account, Terms of reference

Project monitoring, skills transfer

  • Formations and study visits
  • Decision-support tools
  • Follow-up, coordination and reporting

Training and technical support

  • Support during the recruitment process (choice of skills and individual)
  • Training of producers, technicians,
  • Technical assistance and ongoing support (continuous information, updating of knowledge)

Turnkey solutions

  • Agricultural engineering
  • Barns
  • Semi-industrial and industrial agri-food transformation units
  • Training centre with educational tools in production and transformation


Bretagne Filières exists to realise the drive of Breton companies, already a dynamic force internationally, we aim to spread the know-how of sectors of excellence based in Bretagne. Our philosophy internationally is an alternative to exporting; it allows us to understand your expectations regarding technical, scientific and professional partnerships, going beyond strict business relationships.

Within Bretagne Commerce International, we have had a very successful initial experience as a support of the dairy sector in Algeria. This allowed us to prove that it was possible to mobilise many Breton entrepreneurs, their Algerian counterparts, and the French and Algerian institutions, to transfer the know-how of part or the entire diary sector. The success of this project (+40% of diary production on the project farms) encouraged us to expand our actions to other countries and other sectors in the region. This is now the role of Bretagne Filières

Our values

We believe in development, especially in Africa, but development that goes further than a “one off” commercial operation. We aim to build a solid base upon which to anchor economic progress.

We build our support in line with our values :

Respect of environment and societies,

Responsibilities and enterprise spirit,

Economic efficiency.

When we support you we use our network of experts, who share our values and are hardened to a wide range of human, economic and climatic contexts. Their adaptability guarantee recommendations that are perfectly adapted to your individual requirements.

The team

Strategy and directorship :

The BOARD of the association includes business leaders from various farming and agri-food sectors.

In our project zones, our COUNTRY PARTNERS are at our disposal for any request.

Depending of your needs and the requirements of each project, our EXPERT NETWORK is here to give you the best expert assessment. This assessment can be sector-specific (crop production, aquaculture, poultry, cattle, milk and meat) but also transverse (agronomics, renewable energy, collective entertainment – OP, inter-professions, industrial process, food safety and quality, marketing/merchandising, etc.).

Terms of sales

Available upon request

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